19 Jan 2005

Satellite operator says Pacific phone services will soon be back to normal

11:27 am on 19 January 2005

The satellite operator, Intelsat, is warning that telephone links to some Pacific Islands will remain patchy in the coming days.

One of its satellites had an electrical failure on Saturday, leaving many Pacific nations without communications.

Intelsat's director of communications Fritz Stolzenbach says the old satellite just stopped working and has had to be written off.

But he says there are other resources in the region which will be used to restore telecommunications to the outside world.

"Over the next few days telephone communication with some of these islands - there might be a greater number of customers having to hold until their connection goes through, they may get more busy signals, but the links are there and in the short term it'll perhaps be a bit less robust than it was a week ago, but as the days roll on everything will return to normal."