18 Jan 2005

Solomon Islander seeks compensation after RAMSI interrogation

4:19 pm on 18 January 2005

A Solomon Islands man is claiming compensation from regional assistance mission police officers who he says forced him to urinate in front of them during an interrogation.

John Kwakwala Makasi was questioned and released by police in the regional assistance mission after one of their Australian colleagues was shot dead in the capital last month.

A government spokesman, Alfred Maesulia, says Mr Makasi is seeking compensation for being asked to do things against his culture.

"They brought him where they interrogated him, and the worst thing that he said happened to him was that they forced him to urinate while they were looking. He said that he was very embarrassed and shamed, and then he sought legal advice as to what he could do."

Mr Makasi's solicitors have written to police giving them seven days to either admit or deny the allegations.

The lawyers argue Mr Makasi warrants compensation under the Solomon Islands constitution.

Neither the Regional Assistance Mission nor the Australian Federal Police professional standards department has been available for comment.