18 Jan 2005

American Samoa phone problems continue

4:18 pm on 18 January 2005

American Samoans are still experiencing difficulties with overseas phone and internet communications, despite communication links being restored after a satellite problem affected parts of the Pacific.

The fault at Intelsat cut links to several Pacific islands, including American Samoa.

There are complaints as to why the country's main telecommunication providers, Blue Sky and the American Samoa Telecommunications Authority, are still not fully operational.

Our correspondent Monica Miller reports.

"Both ASTA and BLUE SKY cannot give a definitive time when their off island phone and internet communication services can be fully restored. Both companies are only providing 10 per cent band width capacity. A third internet service company, Pacifica Information, was able to maintain services as it uses a different satellite, however it has a very small customer base. Businesses and individuals have voiced their dissatisfaction with the phone companies saying that the severing of overseas communication links has shown that they did not have any contingency plans to deal with emergencies, such as this."