6 Jan 2005

Fiji police begin preparing for elections in 2006

4:47 pm on 6 January 2005

Fiji police say they have just begun preparations to ensure that general elections in the country next year go smoothly.

Fiji is to go to the polls by mid 2006.

Police Commissioner Andrew Hughes says at a regular Board of Management meeting in Suva yesterday, police began major operational planning for the election.

"This is just responsible policing and the same thing occurs in other jurisdications. There's nothing unique about it. But we commissioned this major operational order to be set in place to ensure that we are well prepared in the event that there is any instability leading up to or during the 2006 election. It's our intention that that election will be contested in a free and fair environment without any undue interference or influence from any party here in Fiji or elsewhere."

The Fiji Police Commissioner, Andrew Hughes.