3 Jan 2005

Green Party in French Polynesia says French senator will act as observer

3:49 pm on 3 January 2005

The Green Party in French Polynesia says a former French environment minister, Senator Dominique Voynet, will act as an observer during the elections in February.

The party of the President Gaston Flosse says there is no need to have observers, despite the previous elections for Tahiti and Moorea being declared void because of serious irregularities .

The voting on the 13th of February will choose 37 members for the Windward Islands.

The leader of French Polynesia's ecologist party, Jacky Bryant, also announced that his party would be one of the components of the Union for Democracy Coalition led by pro-independence party leader, Oscar Temaru.

January the 6th is the filing deadline for candidate lists and campaigning for the elections in Tahiti and Moorea officially opens a day later.