30 Dec 2004

Evacuation of PNG's Manam Island nearly complete

11:31 am on 30 December 2004

The director of Papua New Guinea's National Disaster Centre says the evacuation of Manam Island's population of 9,000 people to care centres on the mainland is almost complete.

Colonel Eric Ani says provincial authorities are yet to evacuate two villages where approximately one thousand people remain following an eruption of the island's volcano in late October.

He says those people are from villages on the far side of the island and they're not in immediate danger.

Colonel Ani says, meanwhile, the volcano is still emitting ash and remains active.

"There is something going on where the lava is not coming out. The glow is from the lava. The boiling ground or rocks that is in the volcano. And it will need, if it does, it will need some pressure to push it out."