29 Dec 2004

172 NZers accounted for after tsunamis

10:52 am on 29 December 2004

New Zealand's Foreign Minister, Phil Goff, says 113 New Zealanders are unaccounted for in tsunami affected areas of Thailand.

Phil Goff says 11 New Zealanders are being treated for injuries in hospitals in Phuket and Bangkok.

He says New Zealanders were likely to be holidaying when the tsunamis hit and there is overall cause for concern with the large number of foreigners killed.

"We'll continue today doing the things that staff on the ground are doing in and around Phuket - checking morgues and hospitals, working with the local police officers, assisting New Zealanders that we have identified to get out. We've got staff based at the international airport"

Phil Goff says 172 New Zealanders have been accounted for in Thailand, and some are now returning home.