29 Dec 2004

Pacific Tsunami Warning center says some sea level fluctuations in Pacific

11:14 am on 29 December 2004

The Pacific's Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii says there will be some sea level fluctuations in parts of the Pacific as a result of several leaks of energy from the deadly Indian Ocean tsunami.

Although there is no tsunami warning or watch in effect, the Centre says places like American Samoa, Fiji, Hawaii, Vanuatu, Australia and New Zealand should expect waves or crests measuring from 18 to 65 centimetres.

It says waves will surge along the coasts of Pago Pago, Suva, Hilo, and Port Vila.

Jeff Sanders, a forecaster at the New Zealand Meteorological office, says the initial impact is followed by smaller effects.

"As well, there are lesser sorts of energy being released that are going to continue on around much of the Pacific. We're going to get an extra 30 centimetres on some of the waves that we'll experience but in some areas of the Pacific, we can expect maybe up to 65 centimetres, 2 feet, for an extra day or so."