24 Dec 2004

Niue encourages locals into fishing industry

4:40 pm on 24 December 2004

The Niue government is encouraging local fishermen to supply fish to the new Reef Group processing plant in Alofi.

The government is offering interest free loans to finance boats with a no interest repayment period of five years.

It offers the purchase of 16 plastic six-metre boats with an open deck and protected steering position.

Capable of holding 500 kg of fish each has a long line capability of 300 hooks.

The boats will be powered by 40 horsepower outboard motors and carry a crew of two.

Fourteen craft would be allocated to the island villages and two to the Canoe and Fishing Associations.

The factory opened in October but has yet to process any fish and is awaiting supplies from New Zealand long-liners expected to start working in Niue waters early in the New Year.