20 Dec 2004

Two Fiji banks face strike threat

4:33 pm on 20 December 2004

Two of Fiji's major commercial banks are facing a nationwide strike this week.

Staff of the ANZ Group have already voted overwhelmingly in favour of a walkout while employees of Colonial are conducting their secret ballot now.

The general secretary of the Bank and Finance Sector Employees Union, Pramod Rae, has told Radio Legend that the banks have not acted in good faith by refusing to pay Cost of Living Increases and refusing to negotiate.

Mr Rae says banks believe they deserve to make more and more profits, but when staff want a pay increase, they are told they don't deserve it.

But the ANZ's head of people capital, Jeff Collier, says it is unfair of the union to demand more when their staff were given a pay rise of 3% to 6% last year and all employees are offered a share in the bank after only 12 months service.

Mr Collier says their demand for a Cost of Living Increase is just a grab at some income.