16 Dec 2004

Authorities on Bougainville seek to verify Musingku death rumour

5:25 pm on 16 December 2004

Authorities on the Papua New Guinea island of Bougainville are still trying to verify a persistent rumour that the pyramid scheme operator Noah Musingku has been seriously injured and possibly killed.

PNG police could not be contacted, and members of the Australian Federal Police are referring inquiries about the rumour to Canberra.

But another source in the provincial administration, who would not allow his name to be broadcast, says they are still trying to check out the rumour, which is from a usually reliable party.

"The information that I got was that Musingku was killed and he was killed by some of his own men. Killed for what? I have not been able to establish that just yet."

Musingku is wanted by the PNG police in connection with a failed pyramid scheme.

He has also had a major falling out with his former close ally, separatist leader and Mekamui Movement leader Francis Ona.