15 Dec 2004

Solomons police gets boost with new uniforms

2:26 pm on 15 December 2004

The head of the participating police force in Solomon Islands says getting new uniforms for the local police has boosted morale.

When the Regional Assistance Mission arrived in Solomons Islands, the RSIP was run down and poor resourced.

Training, housing and pay rates are being dealt with and last month new uniforms were distributed.

The Deputy Police Commissioner, Sandy Peisley, says wearing a uniform has made a difference to how officers of the Royal Solomons Police see themselves.

She says the uniforms have been well received.

"There were some officers in the Royal Solomon Islands police who hadn't seen let alone receive a uniform for the past ten years. And now to see the Solomon Islands police all dressed in the same manner, and all showing pride not only in themselves, but in their organisation and the organisations they represent, has been a very positive sign."

Sandy Peisley says all 900 RSIP officers will also get a pay increase from January, which has also boosted morale.