14 Dec 2004

Cook Islands Party believes existing coalition deal will hold

4:12 pm on 14 December 2004

The president of the Cook Islands party believes the existing coalition deal with the minority Demo Tumu party will hold and they will form the next government tomorrow.

Henry Puna says with a combined 13 MPs out of the 24-seat house, they will have the numbers to be able to elect the new prime minister and return to power.

He says while a day is a long time in Cook Islands politics, they are fairly confident of becoming the next government.

"We are fairly set on the parliamentary meeting tomorrow to elect a new prime minister. Our arrangement with our coalition partners are fairly conclusive. Basically, a re-affirmation of what we had agreed to, when we went into coalition last month."

Henry Puna says they're open to holding discussions with the Democratic Party if an approach is made to them, although they would have to keep their coalition partner informed.