14 Dec 2004

Another 100 people may face charges over Fiji coup

4:19 pm on 14 December 2004

More than 100 people are likely to face charges soon for the burning and looting in the Fiji capital, Suva, which was staged to coincide with the Speight coup on May the 19th 2000.

Radio Legend reports that this has been confirmed by the police commissioner, Andrew Hughes.

Mr Hughes says the charges will follow the identification of the people involved through eyewitnesses and video evidence.

Mr Hughes says his special task force has also identified certain people who trashed the Fiji Television station on May the 28th.

The charges to be laid against these people will be determined by the director of public prosecutions.

George Speight's rebels were sent from parliament to attack the TV station after their leaders took offence at a discussion programme dealing with the coup.

On their way back, they fired military weapons at Government House where the then president, the late Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, was in residence.

He was forced to give up the presidency soon afterwards and seek shelter on a naval patrol boat in Suva harbour because his life was in danger.