13 Dec 2004

Cook Islands Democratic party calls for party hopping legislation

8:29 pm on 13 December 2004

The Cook Islands Democratic party says there needs to be some form of party hopping legislation put in place to prevent ongoing coalitions.

The party leader, Dr Terepai Maoate, says the new Demo Tumu party, led by the former prime minister, Dr Robert Woonton, is likely to remain in coalition with the Cook Islands party when parliament meets in two days time.

Dr Maoate says they've been talking with Demo Tumu after Dr Woonton stepped down but they probably won't return to the fold to restore the party's electoral mandate of 14 out of the 24 seats.

He says when parliament meets to elect a new prime minister and a new government is formed, it's unlikely to be the one people voted for.

"I was in favour of some kind of control without really being too harsh or restricting the human rights. I think that needs to be put in place because this sort of thing continues forever."

Dr Maoate says the Democratic party has nine MPs, the Demo Tumu has three, the Cook Islands party, or CIP, can count on ten and there's one independent.

If the coalition holds, the CIP and the Demo Tumu with a combined thirteen MPs out of the 24 seat house, will be able to form a new government.