11 Dec 2004

French court says October election of French Polynesian leader Gaston Flosse was legal

10:07 am on 11 December 2004

The Supreme Court in France has confirmed that the election of Gaston Flosse as president of French Polynesia on October the 22nd was legal.

It ruled that the speaker's choice of October the 25th as election day would have been outside the period allowed under the autonomy statute and therefore the assembly's third vice president, who belongs to Mr Flosse's party, had a right to bring the election forward.

The court has also annulled the election on June the third of the speaker, Antony Geros.

The court also ruled that the motion that ousted the Oscar Temaru-led coalition was valid although the motion voted on was only signed by six instead of the legally required 12 MPs.

Today's decisions follow a ruling last month which cancelled the election of 37 of 57 MPs.