10 Dec 2004

Fiji's Rabuka says police sabotaging his chance of diplomatic career

2:06 pm on 10 December 2004

The former Fiji Prime Minister, Sitiveni Rabuka, says he's likely to withdraw his government nomination as the country's next ambassador to the United States.

Mr Rabuka says the police have sabotaged his chances by failing to clear him of any involvement in the 2000 coup and military mutiny.

The visiting US assistant secretary for state for Asia and the Pacific, Randy Shriver, has indicated Mr Rabuka would need police clearance to be considered for the post.

Mr Rabuka says the police are effectively holding him to ransom and his life's in limbo.

"All it takes is for the police to say they have not finished their investigation to be able to sabotage the whole process altogether. In the meantime I cannot really do what I want to do, plan on something new, including the decision whether to stand in the by-election for the seat left vacant by the former deputy speaker."

Mr Rabuka says it's important that the diplomatic post be filled and he believes the government should appoint a replacement quickly.