9 Dec 2004

Naitasiri people want to keep Takiveikata in jail

4:23 pm on 9 December 2004

Some people of Fiji's Naitasiri Province say they want their paramount chief, Ratu Inoke Takiveikata, to stay in jail.

Takiveikata, who is also a government senator, was jailed for life last month after he was found guilty of inciting the November 2000 mutiny which claimed 8 lives,

The Fiji Sun reports that Takiveikata's people are saying that whoever breaks the law should be dealt with equally by the courts and their paramount chief is no exception.

It says sentiment among the Naitasiri people is that a release for Takiveikata on a Compulsory Supervision Order or through the Prerogative of Mercy Commission is out of the question.

The Sun says these views were expressed at a meeting of the Naitasiri Provincial Council by its chairman, Ratu Peceli Seru Tuisese.

Ratu Peceli is quoted as saying the people of the province were happy to give their contribution to help pay for their paramount chief's defence because it was their traditional duty.

He was responding to comments by the prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, that the government was looking at re-activating customary laws