8 Dec 2004

American Samoa's chief election officer enforcing filing rules

3:44 pm on 8 December 2004

Candidates in American Samoa's general election last month say they are willing to comply with rules requiring them to file spending and financial reports.

16 candidates are yet to file the reports, including six elected representatives, one of whom is the House speaker, Matagi Mailo Moore.

They should have presented the reports to the Campaign Spending commission twenty days after the November 2nd general election and they've now been told they won't be sworn in until they do so.

Our correspondent, Fili Sagapolutele, says there is now a commitment from candidates to file.

"The ones that we've been able to talk to say they will file. That they want to comply with the regulations to ensure that they'll be sworn in. Otherwise, their seat will remain vacant until they file all the necessary reports. They have up until January 3rd - 12 noon, January 3rd is the swearing in time."

Correspondent, Fili Sagapolutele.