6 Dec 2004

Temaru ready to accept change to French Polynesia electoral system if a general election happens

8:08 pm on 6 December 2004

A former French Polynesian MP, Tea Hirshon, says if there is an agreement to hold fresh general elections, the Oscar Temaru-led coalition would accept a change to the electoral system.

A by-election is due in February under a system that will give the winning party a 30 percent bonus of the seats.

She says while Mr Temaru's coalition is prepared to have more talks, Mr Flosse seems opposed because in addition to recent defections, his party would face a rebellion by the remaining MPs who may no longer get elected.

"Flosse on the other hand has a knife under his throat because the 17 members that he has in the outer islands are putting pressure on him not to negotiate these general elections, otherwise they will leave him."

Tea Hirshon