1 Dec 2004

French Polynesian call for an end to occupations

1:48 pm on 1 December 2004

One of the parties in French Polynesia's ousted coalition has called for an immediate end to the occupations of public buildings.

Emile Vernaudon of the Aia Api Party says the political crisis should be resolved through the elections in February when 37 seats will be filled in a by-election.

Groups demanding a dissolution of the entire assembly have been occupying key offices and tightening their grip after the weekend collapse of talks in Paris aimed at ending the political crisis which has lasted nearly two months.

The call for an end to the blockades comes amid concern that people in outer islands suffer from the lack of services.

The President, Gaston Flosse, who walked away from the Paris talks citing the continued occupation, has cancelled a news conference scheduled in Tahiti for today.

The move comes 12 hours ahead of the French Supreme Court in Paris being due to deliver a ruling on the validity of Mr Flosse's election as president in October.

The process has been challenged by the ousted administration and by a local citizen Yves Conroy.