29 Nov 2004

Reports say Fiji vice president's pay stopped after he accepts his High Court conviction

5:03 pm on 29 November 2004

Convicted Fiji vice president Seniloli's pay has been stopped.

Radio Legend reports that this has been confirmed by government officials, who say it came into effect last Friday.

That is when the attorney general, Qoriniasi Bale, released Seniloli from Suva Prison after he had served only 3½ months of his four-year sentence for taking an illegal oath to become the usurper president.

The officials are quoted as saying the step was taken after Seniloli accepted the High Court conviction.

The officials say this clearly means that Seniloli can no longer serve as the vice president because he has a sentence of more than 12 months recorded against him.

Radio Legend reports that according to the law, a person cannot hold the office of president and vice president if he is not a registered voter.

Seniloli has lost his right to be a registered voter because he has a sentence of more than 12 months.

The radio says President Iloilo was meeting with the prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, and with Seniloli this afternoon before deciding on the next course of action.