24 Nov 2004

Samoan alleged murder/suicide prompts rethink

4:28 pm on 24 November 2004

A Samoan advocate for children's rights, Toleafoa Afamasaga Fa'amatala, says an alleged murder/suicide in Aleisa requires a review of family living in Samoa and the pressures placed on families.

A couple and their two children aged three and five 5 were found dead outside their family home on Saturday evening.

Toleafoa is the national advocate of the AusAID-funded Pacific Children's Programme, a pilot study that focuses on child protection and child-raising in the Pacific.

He told the Samoa Observer that a fast-changing world with a continued emphasis on money and the acquisition of wealth creates demands and challenges that put pressure and tensions in families, especially when they don't have money.

He says eventually these tensions spill out into violence.

Toleafoa says he believes that alleviating these pressures will take a coordinated effort among government, church and village leaders.