23 Nov 2004

Fiji MP accuses Labour leader of using party funds for his personal use

11:20 am on 23 November 2004

A Fiji government MP has made serious allegations of financial impropriety against the Labour Party leader, Mahendra Chaudhry.

The Fiji Sun reports that Ted Young has accused Mr Chaudhry of collecting funds overseas for victims of the coup but using it to buy personal property instead.

Mr Young said recent reports had said the chief minister of Haryana state in India had collected 600-thousand US dollars for the Labour party which had gone missing.

He called on Mr Chaudhry to tell parliament whether or not he had used the missing funds to buy a property in Sydney and two pieces of land in Queensland registered in the name of his wife Birmati, and their son, Rajendra.

Mr Young also asked whether Mr Chaudhry's son had forged the signature of a Labour Party MP, Anand Babla, to purchase a duty-free vehicle which is currently the Labour party's official vehicle.

Mr Young said the allegations raised serious questions about Mr Chaudhry's suitability as leader of a political party, let alone the country.