19 Nov 2004

Solomons MP calls for rethink of fishing policies

3:46 pm on 19 November 2004

A Solomon Islands opposition MP, Yukio Sato, says local traditional fishing methods are sustainable compared with the ones used by foreign fishing companies operating in the country's waters.

Mr Sato says it is vital that the government and its development partners see the importance of the country keeping its traditional fishing methods.

He says the methods used by foreign companies will result in fish stocks running out.

Mr Sato says aid donors had funded the establishment of 28 fishing centres throughout the country but he says these had failed because fishermen only fish for local consumption and not for sale to exporters.

He says Solomon Island fishermen are capable of catching enough fish using traditional methods to sell to exporters and to the Western Province-based Soltai Fishing and Processing Company.

Mr Sato was speaking at the development partners meeting yesterday.