18 Nov 2004

PNG police chief minister says his government is committed to restoring integrity in force

9:04 pm on 18 November 2004

Papua New Guinea's Police Minister, Bire Kimisopa, says the government is committed to restoring the integrity of the police force within the next five years.

A government funded review of the police, released this week found serious failings, widespread corruption, a lack of resources, poor morale and wages, and substandard facilities.

Mr Kimisopa says the government accepts full responsibility for the current state of the police.

"It was not surprising we found that morale was very low, and that the police were not performing to the expectations of the government and the people. It wasn't a problem of the community not responding or not assisting the police, it was basically the government's inability to really sit down and critically address the performance of the PNG police force."

Bire Kimisopa says he will now use the review to table recommendations to parliament next year.