18 Nov 2004

Another occupation in French Polynesian power tussle

2:16 pm on 18 November 2004

Supporters of the ousted Oscar Temaru-led coalition in French Polynesia have occupied another key public building as part of a campaign to get the territorial assembly dissolved.

The group has blocked access to a government office in the Papeete suburb of Pirae, with a spokesman saying all public buildings will end up being occupied not only on Tahiti but throughout the territory.

The spokesman, Joinville Pomare, says the French state must acknowledge that there is a problem in the territory.

In the past week, several offices have been taken over but in a reaction supporters of Gaston Flosse have demonstrated against the occupation of a key office in Faa'a.

In Paris, a spokesman for the French government says there is no legal basis to move to a full dissolution of the French Polynesian assembly.

Two days ago, the highest court in France annulled the election result for 37 of the assembly's 57 MPs.