18 Nov 2004

No specific crime-fighting promised in PNG Budget

8:13 am on 18 November 2004

No specific measures to fight crime in Papua New Guinea were part of the Budget.

The US$1.6 billion measure - handed down this week - gives priority to agencies trying to stop the spread of HIV/Aids.

Tackling crime was among the high priorities of the government although no specific promises were made about crime fighting.

Our correspondent in Port Moresby, Peter Niesi, says the measure did include a boost in funding for the repair of rural roads, which help police move around...

"...but no real direct word was said other than that it is one of the key priorities of funding for the government. That basically means more funding to the police and magisterial services as well as the constitutional offices that are involved in the fight against crime."

Peter Niesi says there are no new taxes, the two per cent import levy has been removed and the mining levy continues to be downgraded.