17 Nov 2004

Solomons medical authorities worried by tenfold increase in diabetes cases

11:18 am on 17 November 2004

Solomon Islands National Diabetic centre at the National Referral Hospital has reported a tenfold increase in cases since 1998.

The Coordinator of the Diabetic Centre, Neverlyn Laesango, says that in 1998, about one hundred cases were recorded and now there are more than one thousand.

She says the number would have been even higher if unreported cases in the provinces were diagnosed.

Mrs Laesango says diabetes is prevalent in nearly all the urban centres as a result of the change in people's eating habits.

She says many locals who once depended on very high fibre foods commonly grown in the country have switched to cheap, imported food because of changing lifestyles.

Mrs Laesango says the cases seen so far had indicated that diabetes is affecting both men and women equally