16 Nov 2004

American Samoa attorney general says any vote-buying must be reported

7:21 am on 16 November 2004

The attorney-general of American Samoa says incidents of money being offered for votes, should be reported to the police.

Fiti Suni says vote-buying is against the law and anyone who's been offered money in exchange for votes should report this to police, instead of going to the media.

His comments follow allegations of vote-buying made by a supporter of the Afoa Taeaoafua camp in Vaitogi against administration supporters.

A female supporter of the Afoa Taeaoafua team said that two families had been offered money by chiefs on the Togiola Ipulasi committee in Vaitogi.

The attorney general expressed concern about the allegations and said people making such claims should take their allegations to the police or his office.

He said police who make such claims and don't make their identities known are dishonest.

It was pointed out to the attorney general that the source of the allegations said her reason for not stating her name was fear of repercussions against her husband, who is a government employee.