4 Nov 2004

UK watchdog says Fiji water transport harming environment

10:13 am on 4 November 2004

The British Food Commission, an independent consumer watchdog, says bottles of Fiji mineral water are damaging the environment.

A report by the group says importing the water 16-thousand kilometres from the Pacific wastes fossil fuels and increases world carbon dioxide emissions.

Fiji Mineral Water is sourced from rainfall, and the firm says it acquires a special taste by being filtered through an aquifer in the highlands of Viti Levu.

But the Food Commission's policy advisor, Kath Dalmeny says Britain has enough rainfall to make similar products locally.

"Fiji is not the only country doing this, by any means. But I think that this is an example of how the market has gone mad, in terms of transporting products that are available locally, and in that process, creating carbon dioxide emissions."