2 Nov 2004

Transparency International in Vanuatu says cutting government department heads would be catastrophic

8:18 pm on 2 November 2004

The anti corruption group, Transparency International, says plans to remove directors general of government departments would have catastrophic consequences.

Stanley Reginold, the political advisor for Prime Minister Serge Vohor, says they are planning to do away with the permanment heads because they frustrate the Ministers' attempts to implement their programmes.

Another factor, he says, is the cost of the posts.

But the spokesperson for the Vanuatu chapter of TI, Marie Noelle Ferrieux Patterson, says sacking the directors general would be a backward step.

"what is necessary is the continuity and to have good grants and not only the risk of having only the political minister and his political appointees - then he would be the only one in the Ministry in charge of everything.."