29 Oct 2004

Legal action against Oscar Temaru deferred a day by French Polynesian court

4:32 pm on 29 October 2004

A civil court in Papeete has deferred the case against Oscar Temaru who has been accused of usurping the title of French Polynesian president and illegally occupying the presidential palace.

The court will resume tomorrow, while it has now been suggested that no final ruling from the highest court in Paris is expected for 12 days.

Walter Zweifel was in court in Papeete.

"The lawyer for President Gaston Flosse argues that Mr Temaru's ousted coalition is only trying to cause delays as part of its strategy. But Mr Temaru's lawyer argues that the case in Papeete has to be judge on the basis of the appeals pending in Paris. The legal wrangles have left legal loopholes to produce a third President who was the only person in the Assembly to stand at the beginning of the week when none of the Speakers officially opened the session. Rene Hoffer, who along with Mr Temaru had unsuccessfully challenged the legality of the no confidence motion in the highest court is now deemed to be the legal President unless there is a ruling stating the opposite"