30 Oct 2004

In French Polynesia Gaston Flosse calls for new elections in Tahiti electorate only

4:02 pm on 30 October 2004

The French Polynesian President Gaston Flosse says he wants to have fresh elections in the Tahiti electorate and is calling on rival president, Oscar Temaru to vacate the presidential palace.

In a televised address Mr Flosse restated that he is the only legal president, just hours before Mr Temaru is due back in court, accused of usurping the presidency.

Mr Flosse says he hopes an appeal he has made to Paris will annul the result of the biggest electorate and give voters a chance to go back to the ballot box.

If the ruling, due in ten days, leaves the result unchanged Mr Flosse still doesn't want a disolution of the assembly despite overwhelming support for it.

Instead he says there should be a referendum on independence.