29 Oct 2004

Leading church in French Polynesia backs calls for new elections

4:00 pm on 29 October 2004

The Evangelical Church in French Polynesia has called for the dissolution of the Territorial Assembly.

This comes amid a deepening crisis in Tahiti with rival governments claiming legitimacy.

Walter Zweifel reports from Papeete.

"The church says it's role is not political but the crisis is now such that it won't be resolved unless there are fresh general elections. The Gaston Flosse led majority failed to hold an assembly meeting this morning because the speaker stayed away. He has said the autonomy statute has no provision on how to deal with the situation after the presidential election he had called had failed."

Meanwhile there are calls for the restoration of the Kingdom of Tahiti the great grandson of King Pomare the fifth, Prime Minister Mahe Anuu Mai wants to convene a meeting of all the descendants of those who signed the 1880 treaty with France, after which the colonial government was formed. He says in the current deadlock many Tahitians want an end to their suffering.