28 Oct 2004

French Polynesia's rival leaders take court action against each other

8:34 pm on 28 October 2004

In hardening political conflict in French Polynesia, the newly elected President Gaston Flosse has taken Oscar Temaru to court for usurping a public title.

Mr Flosse is also seeking compensation for the allegedly illegal occupation of a public premise, while Mr Temaru has filed a suit on the same grounds but is asking a ten fold sum of Mr Flosse.

Mr Temaru says he is awaiting a court ruling from Paris on the legality of the Flosse Government while pursuing his campaign for fresh elections.

"since the beginning of this trouble we have asked the French Government to dissolve the Parliament and give the last word to the people of this country to decide who will the next President and who will be the next government of this country. And tomorrow we will have a response from the French High Court. I believe myself that that is the right way to solve this problem"