28 Oct 2004

Nauru's re-installed Government says it will investigate where the country's money has gone

5:08 pm on 28 October 2004

Nauru's Finance Minister, David Adeang, says his government will keep its pledge to hold corrupt officials accountable.

The newly elected Nauru Government is introducing sweeping changes aimed at helping it climb out of financial crisis.

President Ludwig Scotty was returned unopposed this week, with his supporters now dominating the 18 person Assembly.

It has already passed a Budget Mr Adeang says will mean pain for ordinary Nauruans.

Previous administrations in Nauru have been accused of squandering the nation's once vast wealth, and Mr Adeang is promising investigations.

"I think you will find that practically, if not all of us, then most of us who were elected in the last elections on Saturday stood on a platform of anti-corruption, as well as other things like good governance, transparency and accountability. And yes, we will be honouring our pledge to our people to continue to stand on corruption, and that involves the investigation of past practices whereby our wealth has been mismanaged and corrupted."

Nauru's Finance Minister, David Adeang