27 Oct 2004

Bishops worried as political chaos continues in French Polynesia

5:49 pm on 27 October 2004

The hunger-striking leader of one of two rival political groups claiming to be the rightful government in French Polynesia says the churches have expressed hope the political crisis will not degenerate into bloodshed.

Both Gaston Flosse and the ousted president, Oscar Temaru, are claiming to be the legitimate leaders of the territory's government.

Members of Mr Temaru's coalition is occupying the presidential palace's offices, while Mr Flosse has named a government and occupied other vacant offices.

Now, Mr Temaru says the Catholic Archbishop and the leader of the Evangelical church have said they will do what they can to solve the crisis.

"they are well informed about the situation in this country and what has happened since the election last May. They also said they would try their best to find a solution to this problem and that they would also meet Mr Gaston Flosse"