27 Oct 2004

Fiji police closing in on those involved in a secret coup swearing in ceremony

4:24 pm on 27 October 2004

Fiji police are reported to be closing in on those sworn in secretly into George Speight's failed administration immediately after the coup.

The police commissioner, Andrew Hughes, has confirmed to Radio Legend that this is one of the files still open and under active investigation.

Mr Hughes says police have established that a swearing in ceremony was held behind closed doors before the televised one for which vice president Seniloli and deputy speaker Vakalabure are serving a jail sentence.

Mr Hughes says there is a reasonable likelihood that the file will soon be forwarded to the director of public prosecutions who will decide whether to lay charges.

Radio Legend says the secret swearing in ceremony took place when Speight overthrew the Chaudhry government and, claiming that he had become the executive head of the country, swore in ministers to various portfolios.

In the second televised ceremony, Speight claimed that he had become the prime minister while Seniloli was sworn in as the usurper president.

The police spokesman, Acting Assistant Superintendent Kolinio Vunaki, confirmed to Radio New Zealand International yesterday that the information minister, Simione Kaitani, was one of those under investigation.