27 Oct 2004

NZ animal rights group condemns Solomons dolphin pens

10:40 am on 27 October 2004

Animal rights campaigners in New Zealand say more than 40 dolphins are being kept in overcrowded, shallow and polluted pens in Solomon Islands.

The World Society for the Protection of Animals says the dolphins being held off Gavutu, were caught by fishermen in return for a payment of 4-hundred US dollars.

"The regional manager for the society, also known as WSPA, Kimberley Muncaster, says Solomon Islanders should refuse to net dolphins at any price. I think key to finding a long-term solution to this problem is education. I think with any of the issues that WSPA deals with, a lot of it's based on a lack of knowledge, and ignorance to the suffering of these animals. And certainly our long-term plan would be to make people aware that this type of exploitation should stop."


IN:......I think key

OUT:...exploitation should stop.


Unconfirmed reports from Solomon Islands suggest some of the dolphins will be flown to captivity in Mexico.

One dolphin died during transit and five others died soon afterwards when Solomon Islands transported 28 dolphins to Mexico a year ago.