26 Oct 2004

Ousted coalition in French Polynesia to go on hunger strike to back its call for new elections

5:43 pm on 26 October 2004

The ousted coalition in French Polynesia is going on a hunger strike to try and convince the French Government to order new Territorial elections.

The territory's long time leader, Gaston Flosse, was re-elected President last weekend in a vote the Speaker says was illegal, while a second planned Presidential election today did not go ahead.

Mr Flosse's supporters now say he could name a new Government line up as early as tomorrow.

But Oscar Temaru, who lost the Presidency in a vote of no confidence two weeks ago, says he remains the legitimate President of French Polynesia.

He says they are fasting to encourage Paris to give the last word to the people whose sovereignty has been threatened by what he calls "mafia organisations".

Mr Temaru says they are also sending delegation to Paris.

"and try to meet the mass media in France, and also the political organisations, political parties in France and also the non violent organisation in France to support our struggle"