25 Oct 2004

Moves to establish part-time legislature in Northern Marianas

11:18 am on 25 October 2004

A report from the Northern Marianas says business leaders back plans for a part-time legislative assembly.

The Saipan Tribune newspaper reports the Chamber of Commerce president Alex Sablan as saying it is a very interesting idea.

Mr Sablan says other jurisdictions have moved to part-time assemblies, including Hawaii.

He says the idea of saving money is what the chamber finds very acceptable.

Representative Claudio Norita has brought an initiative to the House which

proposes axing the annual salary for lawmakers.

Mr Norita proposes lawmakers should be paid a hundred and 20 US dollars per session and sixty dollars per committee meeting.

The Legislature spends more than five million US dollars every year.

Mr Norita claims his measures will reduce that amount by about three million US dollars.