18 Oct 2004

New owners of bank in Niue pleased with community response

8:24 am on 18 October 2004

The manager of the Niue branch of the Bank of South Pacific, Robert Thadeus, says he is pleased with the community's response to the new bank.

He said there was little time to tell customers about the change of ownership from Westpac to the PNG based Bank of South Pacific, due to confidentiality clauses.

But Mr Thadeus told Niue News that there has been no rush on withdrawals or closure of accounts since the bank made an outright purchase of the Westpac Niue branch.

The bank's computer data is being upgraded with secure links to its head office in Port Moresby and has been upgrading the premises in Niue.

Telegraphic transfers to Niue can be arranged through the Bank of New Zealand.