15 Oct 2004

Veteran Cook Islands politician determined to fight electoral case

3:23 pm on 15 October 2004

A veteran Cook Islands MP denies that his appeal against a High Court dismissal of his electoral petition is a desperate attempt to stay in politics.

Norman George yesterday filed an appeal against Justice Kenneth Hingston's decision to throw out his petition after he lost his seat to Eugene Tatuava on Atiu.

Justice Hingston said Mr George had not provided enough evidence.

But the Tumu Enua leader says both he and his lawyer are convinced they have strong evidence to back up their case, and he is determined to fight the decision.

"Personally I'm pretty tried of Cook islands politics, I'm a bit sick of it. But you know, I have some terrific people in my electorate. I have my island to think about. And personally, I prefer to walk away from politics and I'm trying to do that but these are the things I need to clear, this appeal, but we'll wait and see."

Norman George's case is expected to be heard during the next court of appeal sitting for the Cook Islands in Auckland from the ninth to the 12th of November