14 Oct 2004

Alien voting issue in American Samoa governor race

11:08 am on 14 October 2004

One of the candidates running for the governorship of American Samoa says he'll address the issue of allowing alien residents to vote there.

Giving alien residents the right to vote was a leading campaign strategy for the current administration for the past two elections of governor and lieutenant governor.

The government has not made a mention the alien voting issue in its platform in this election season.

Candidate Afoa Moega Lutu announced that giving aliens the right to vote will be on his agenda.

Afoa also announced that he will explore the election of the Attorney General or appointment of a more independent attorney general to help fight against crime and corruption.

"We're going to explore extending voting rights, or US citizenship, to long-established residents of American Samoa. For example, those who have resided here for at least 20 years."