14 Oct 2004

Congressional forum in American Samoa debates Iraq war

7:12 am on 14 October 2004

The war in Iraq has been a major topic at the American Samoan congressional forum.

Incumbent Congressman Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin and challenger Aumua Amata Coleman both delivered platforms which had been prepared.

But Faleomavaega outshone his opponent when candidates had to answer questions from the audience.

During the forum Faleomavaega questioned the judgement of President Bush.

"We were wrong to go to Iraq in this war. Our men and women are there fighting the war. I sincerely hope they will return home safely. But the policy, that this administration has enunciated, in going to war when our national security was really not at risk, was not the right thing to do as far as I'm concerned."

Faleomavaega is running for re-election on the second of November.