13 Oct 2004

Ousted French Polynesian government coy about planned moves

2:24 pm on 13 October 2004

The defeated government of Oscar Temaru in French Polynesia is still pushing for fresh general elections, despite a rejection of this proposal from France.

The validity of the vote that led to the ouster is challenged, the date of the election of a new president is contested, and street protests are planned.

Mr Temaru's spokesman, Claude Marere, says France has refused to call fresh general elections on grounds that institutions such as parliament are working.

But Mr Marere says the defeated coalition doesn't accept this and will show otherwise.

"We are going to demonstrate that the institutions doesn't work very well and for going to dissolve the Assembly and go again for general elections. This is the way we are going on today."

Mr Marere refused to spell out what the ousted government will do to achieve this, although its supporters are planning demonstrations this week.

Meanwhile, Mr Marere says the Union for Democracy coalition is challenging the validity of the no-confidence vote that led to its ouster.

He also says the defeated government has agreed to elect a new president for the French territory on October the 25th.

The new majority, led by former president Gaston Flosse, wants an earlier date