11 Oct 2004

NZ leader not surprised at French Polynesia ousting

9:35 pm on 11 October 2004

New Zealand's Prime Minister, Helen Clark, says she wasn't surprised at the ousting of the French Polynesian government led by Oscar Temaru.

The opposition vote of no-confidence in the Oscar Temaru-led government succeeded after one government MP voted with the opposition, paving the way for fresh presidential elections in the assembly within 15 days.

Ms Clark says her Foreign Affairs department has been keeping the government up to date on the situation in the French Polynesian assembly, and by the weekend she was aware there was a likelihood of the vote passing.

"Our position is that we work with whoever is the government of French Polynesia. This has certainly been a particularly short-lived one. It's really a question of whether there's a more stable path ahead or whether the balance of forces in the assembly is so fine that you could find the ball being passed backwards and forwards."