11 Oct 2004

Mixed reaction in France to Temaru defeat

3:02 pm on 11 October 2004

There has been a mixed reaction in France to the ousting of the 15-week old French Polynesian government led by Oscar Temaru.

Yesterday's opposition move in Papeete succeeded after one government MP voted with the opposition, paving the way for fresh presidential elections in the assembly within 15 days.

A senior member of the UMP party of Jacques Chirac says the majority and the truth are on the side of the French Polynesian opposition leader, Gaston Flosse.

Eric Raoult says the mask of the minority pro-independence party has now fallen.

The Socialist Party's secretary, Francois Hollande, has called on Mr Chirac to hold fresh general elections to find a democratic solution to the crisis in Tahiti.

Mr Hollande says the French state has a direct role in the crisis in French Polynesia, adding that Mr Chirac should not fear the audits being undertaken into the affairs of the former Flosse administration.

Meanwhile in New Caledonia, the pro-independence FLNKS movement says it is disappointed that the French Polynesian pro-independence leader has been ousted.