11 Oct 2004

Fiji's Chaudhry wants coup names in proposed Speight meeting

3:01 pm on 11 October 2004

A report from Fiji says the Labour Party leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, will only agree to meet George Speight if he reveals the names of the people behind the coup.

The Fiji Sun quotes a Labour spokesman, Shalendra Raju, as saying in particular Mr Chaudhry wants to know the names of people who funded the coup before he agrees to meet and forgive Speight.

Mr Raju says Speight is obligated to tell the truth because while he and some soldiers have been taken to task, the real perpetrators are still occupying positions of power.

The chief executive of the reconciliation ministry, Apisalome Tudreu, says his ministry would still continue to pursue Speight's wish for a private meeting with Mr Chaudhry.

Meanwhile, Mr Qarase has told a prayer breakfast that he sympathises with those who refuse to reconcile because they had a terrible experience when they were traumatised, hurt and threatened during the coup.

Mr Qarase says many feared for their lives and it was therefore understandable they were not yet ready to forgive.

Labour Party MP, Pratap Chand, says injustices and ongoing insults hurled against the Indian community have not prepared the ground for genuine reconciliation.